Fighting spam in Drupal 7 - disable the homepage field on comments

Spam is really annoying, particularly for anybody maintaining a website with anonymous contribution - in my case via comments. Mollum filters the bulk of the spammers out. Unfortunately if you want to capture anonymous commenter’s contact information in Drupal 7 this also exposes and displays the homepage field. This is also displayed to all visitors to your website that can access this content - incentive for link spammers :(


Drupal 7 missing 'Manage Display' in Content Types

Had an interesting issue when installing Drupal 7 the other day. I could not find the “teaser length” feature that was present in Drupal 6. This appears to be expected behaviour, however I could not see the “Manage Display” and “Manage Fields” options in the Content Types settings.

If you selected the “minimal” profile during install, the “Field UI” module will not be enabled. Turn this on and the “Manage Display” along with “Manage Fields” become visible and you can follow your nose from there.


Website is back!

Couldn’t help it, had to put something here. I pulled down the site some months ago (perhaps as many as 12). I think the goal at the time was to upgrade to Drupal 7, but as often happens life got in the way.