Website is back!

Couldn’t help it, had to put something here. I pulled down the site some months ago (perhaps as many as 12). I think the goal at the time was to upgrade to Drupal 7, but as often happens life got in the way.

Some key goals with this site:

  • Easy to maintain - Drupal 7 does the trick here, I’m familiar with it and it’s looking pretty kick ass out of the box.
  • Resume - will store my resume here for reference (and hopefully future employers!)
  • Documentation - particularly for my project work. My home server is a great example… it’s a bit hard to remember mdadm commands 18 months after you set up a Linux software RAID. Also not a good idea to store the maintenance instructions on the device itself ;)
  • Keeping the chops in shape - good to know I’m still able to play with webpages if the need arises. Besides it’s fun.