Arbiters as @ January 2015: Tuxillator, Sentrix141, GlennShade, Copats, Fudgious, Quara

You can view the world in a realtime map using the map button at the top of the page. We also have a Facebook group, contact an Arbiter in-game for an invite.

Connecting to the server

Server Name: Powered By Jeff
Server Address: minecraft.poweredbyjeff.com

Recommended texture packs for use on our server:

These will change the look of the game to match the experience we build for. Install by downloading the file and placing it in your “resource pack folder” (don’t unzip). You can find your resource pack folder in-game via the options. Some Arbiters also suggest using the Optifine optimization mod (optional).



Moderators and designers of the core areas. Changes to server rules and functionality is by agreement with a quorum of this group.


Trusted regulars, have access to all shared resources and build power.


Visitors to our world. You can freely explore but will need to contact an Arbiter for promotion to Citizen if you wish to build.